(C77) [Garyuh Chitai (TANA)] Touchuu Kasou (Mahou Shoujo Ai) (English) =Little White Butterflies=

He goes to the dining hall, looks for her but does not find her. Parody Teitoku Wa Yandere Akagi Ni Rouraku Sarete… ” She moaned again, moving her tail into her ass.

Hentai: (C77) [Garyuh Chitai (TANA)] Touchuu Kasou (Mahou Shoujo Ai) (English) =Little White Butterflies=

Touchuu Kasou 1Touchuu Kasou 2Touchuu Kasou 3Touchuu Kasou 4Touchuu Kasou 5Touchuu Kasou 6Touchuu Kasou 7Touchuu Kasou 8Touchuu Kasou 9Touchuu Kasou 10Touchuu Kasou 11Touchuu Kasou 12Touchuu Kasou 13Touchuu Kasou 14Touchuu Kasou 15Touchuu Kasou 16Touchuu Kasou 17Touchuu Kasou 18Touchuu Kasou 19Touchuu Kasou 20Touchuu Kasou 21Touchuu Kasou 22Touchuu Kasou 23Touchuu Kasou 24Touchuu Kasou 25Touchuu Kasou 26Touchuu Kasou 27Touchuu Kasou 28Touchuu Kasou 29Touchuu Kasou 30Touchuu Kasou 31Touchuu Kasou 32Touchuu Kasou 33Touchuu Kasou 34Touchuu Kasou 35Touchuu Kasou 36Touchuu Kasou 37Touchuu Kasou 38

(C77) [我流痴帯 (TANA)]冬蟲夏想(魔法少女アイ) [英訳]

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