(C96) [Digianko (Ankoman)] Nichijou (SSSS.GRIDMAN) [Incomplete]

“You have car, automobile?” Ludmilla asked, “Volkswagen or Mercedes?”

“Pa, who we call Grand pa he got a Ford,” Pa replied, “And we got a Ferrari and,”

“Where is it, I said I want Volkswagen car,” Ludmilla insisted as she stared with disdain at Pa's old horse drawn covered wagon and team of four brown stallions hitched to it. “Nor me,” said Tall-boy.

Hentai: (C96) [Digianko (Ankoman)] Nichijou (SSSS.GRIDMAN) [Incomplete]

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(C96) [デジアンコ (あんこまん)]日常(SSSS.GRIDMAN) [ページ欠落]

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