Ex Girlfriends LOTTE Milkchocolate – Lotte No Omocha

I snickered, and hit it before passing. “I’ve known your name for a while, after all, we do go to the same school, right?”
I shrugged, said I guess so.

Hentai: (C80) [Tataraba (Tsurugi Hagane)] LOTTE milkchocolate (Lotte no Omocha!) [English]

LOTTE milkchocolate 1LOTTE milkchocolate 2LOTTE milkchocolate 3LOTTE milkchocolate 4LOTTE milkchocolate 5LOTTE milkchocolate 6LOTTE milkchocolate 7LOTTE milkchocolate 8LOTTE milkchocolate 9LOTTE milkchocolate 10LOTTE milkchocolate 11LOTTE milkchocolate 12LOTTE milkchocolate 13LOTTE milkchocolate 14LOTTE milkchocolate 15LOTTE milkchocolate 16LOTTE milkchocolate 17LOTTE milkchocolate 18LOTTE milkchocolate 19LOTTE milkchocolate 20LOTTE milkchocolate 21LOTTE milkchocolate 22LOTTE milkchocolate 23

(C80) [たたらば (蔓木鋼音)]LOTTE milkchocolate(ロッテのおもちゃ!) [英訳]

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