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i will have aaaa ummm egg mayo sandwich please babe” harvey handed me one and by the end of the night all the main food was eatten (i felt so fat for eatting loads) harvey said to me “what would you like for desert” and i answered “you” and started kissing harvey and lowering him to down from sitting to laying i started taking harveys top off and somethink kicked me in the leg i broke mine and harvey kiss and looked at the police officer the cop told me and harvey to go home or he would arrest us so me and harvey packed everything up and left when we got into the car i said “thank for today babe i need a nice relaxing day with my boy i love you so much” harvey gave me a massive smile and said “babe i love you too” on the way home harvey took us on a different route he happen to have drove upto the crossing where i had a car crash a few months ago i paniced and said “dont drive this way” repeatting it over and over again and crying so hard it felt like bullets “wooo baby calm down. Continue reading when i got home my lady maid said to me “what you doing back home leon?” i said “got sent home for trying to hit a jack ass” i went up stairs to my room and text harvey saying hey baby hows school? harvey text me back saying its boring wish i was at home with you i text harvey back saying i bet you do because im about to get all wet harvey text me back saying babe dont say things like that you getting me excited ((with a winking face)) i text back at put o well you have to sort me out when you get to my house tonight

i went back to bed all day and was soon woke up by harvey after his detention i said in a sleepy manner “i dont wanna get up” harvey put his hand up my t shirt and said “come on babe get up i wanna go out with you tonight” i said “go where” harvey said “your see” i got out of bed tired and put on a jacket and a pair of pants and said “im ready babe” harvey took my hand and took me to his car i got in and went back to sleep on the passengers side when harvey woke me up he said “babe wake up” i said “harvey we are at tennis courts” harvey smiled and said “yes we are” i got out the car and light up a ciggarette but harvey took it out my mouth and put it out i said “what the fuck did you do that for?” harvey said “so we can play tennis.

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