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's considered to be an ice queen! He stuck his head into her office and asked, “Hey, Blair, I'm going for coffee, do you want me to get you a cup!?!” She looked up at him over the top of her glasses and replied curtly, “No, thank you, I already have some!!!” He paused for a second before leaving her office he ordered in his mind, “When I get back from the coffee room I want you to have your panties laying in the middle of your desk!!!” Nervously Drew poured a cup of coffee and slowly walked back to his office, stopping casually in front of Blair's office to peer inside!!! “Christ alive,” he said to himself, “she fucking did it, her panties are sitting right in the middle of her desk!!! Now growing more bold, he thought as he stared at her, “Reach under your dress and finger your cunt!!!” Almost automatically, Blair casually began fingering her pussy while he stood in her doorway watching her!!! Looking around to make sure no one else was coming, he thought, “Call yourself a fucking whore!!!” Now nearing an orgasm, Blair sighed, “I'm a fucking whore!!!” “Okay,” he thought, “blow your nut for me, cunt!!!” Almost instantly, her whole body shook as a climax enveloped her pussy!!! Now taking a little pity on her, Drew let her relax and get back to work!!! Sitting back down at his desk, Drew couldn't wait for lunch, he had a lot of thinking to do!!!

On his way to lunch he stopped at Jean's desk to check for messages, and thought, “Did you suck him off last night too!!!” Again, calmly and casually she replied, “Of course!!! “Did you swallow,” he thought?!? “Oh, yes, I swallowed it all,” she answered back!!! Elated at his discovery, he headed of for lunch!!! Again, he was alone on the elevator with an attractive woman and thought, “Reach out and touch my cock!!!” Suddenly a small hand snaked out and grabbed a handful of his crotch, while feeling around for his pecker!!! “Do you suck,” he thought?!? “Yes,” she replied!!! “When we get down stairs, follow me, when I tell you too, you'll drop to your knees and suck me off!!!” Like an obedient dog, the woman followed Drew into a store room and immediately dropped to her knees and pulled out his now rock hard cock!!! “Suck it off,” he thought, “let it cum in your mouth!!!” It was dead quiet in the small room, except, that is, for the smacking sound of lips on the head of his pecker!!! Hungrily she worked the head of his pecker until it spurted all over her lips and into her mouth!!! Now taking another chance, instead of thinking it he said out loud, “Show me your pussy!!!” Again, without a hint of question, the stranger lifted her dress and exposed her hairy pussy to him!!! He reached out and quickly brought her to orgasm with his finger while she stood impassively holding up her dress!!! After zipping up he said, “After I leave, wait a minute before you leave, have a nice day!!!”

Sitting in the cafe around the corner from his office he decided to have some fun with one of the waitresses as he thought, “Your pussy itches like the devil and you have to scratch it!!!” Standing in the middle of the restaurant, as if she were alone, the waitress slipped her hand inside of her jeans and worked over her slit like there was no tomorrow, and of course, before long, everyone in the place was pointing and laughing at the lascivious behavior of the young woman with her hand in her pants!!! Drew noticed one woman who was making more fun of the waitress than anyone else, so he decided to have a little fun with her so he thought, “Stand up, take off your top and play with your tits!!! Again, as if controlled by a strange force, the middle aged woman stood up and did as she was told!!! The whole place was a buzz as they watched one woman rubbing her cunt, while another was calmly cupping and manipulating her big jugs!!! One of the woman's friends was trying to get her to sit down and cover herself, so Drew gave her the message to take off her panties and masturbate for the crowd!!! Oooooo's and ahhhhh's came from the crowd as the young lady sat on a table top and furiously fingered her dripping pussy so that everyone could see her!!! Again using the power of suggestion, he ordered, “Beg for someone to eat your cunt!!!” Now in a fit of extreme sexual arousal, the little masturbater pleaded, “Please, somebody eat me, I need to have a mouth on my cunt!!!” No one moved, not wishing to get involved in such a wild scene, until Drew suggested that the waitress with her hand in her pants orally satisfy the begging little bitch!!! The crowd actually cheered as the mouth of the waitress attached itself to the pussy of the masturbating cunt!!! Drew chuckled as he dropped some money on the table for his lunch, and just before leaving, showed some mercy on the out of control women and thought, “Just for another five minutes!!!” And then he left!!!

On elevator was packed with men and women returning from lunch, but for some reason, all of the women began rubbing their vaginas right through their dresses and skirts!!! The men just stared as all of the females itched their pussies wantonly before them!!! As Drew stepped off at his floor, he gave one final command to the women, show the men your pussies!!! As the door slid shut, he could just make out several of the women pulling up their skirts and pulling down their panties!!! Now secure with his power, he wandered through the office making everyone strip, both males and females!!! One more quick suggestion and all of the men were getting blown by their female work mates, all that is, except for Jill, the cute little mail room girl!!! He had her follow him back to his office where he had her sit naked on his desk and masturbate for him!!! She had a very cute pussy and it didn't take her long at all to rub herself to a really hard orgasm!!! He asked her if she had ever sucked a pussy, and she when she said no, he went over to Blair's office and had her follow him back to his office, where upon he had Jill suck Blair's hot cunt to a shattering climax!!! The he tuned them around and had Blair suck Jill off!!! It was evident that both of them were very oral, as each of them brought the other to climax very quickly!!! While Jill was petite and trim, Blair had a very large set of boobs and a big fat ass, so Drew decided it would be a good idea if Blair nursed Jill with her large breasts!!! Jill lay in the arms of the bigger woman, with her he nestled against her chest and her mouth eagerly sucking one Blair's big hard nipples!!! Even though both women were normally heterosexual, Drew made sure that he suggested that from now on, they would take turns sucking each other off at least once a day!!!

The big boss, Mr. .

Hentai: 初音ミクWidescreen Wallpaper(7)

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