Gay Pov Oshikko Sensei

Jessica has to be the closes cousin I have in this wacky family of mine and to tell the truth I wouldn’t have it any other way different than my aunt her skin was a naturally paler tone with few cute freckles on her face, her ocean blue eyes always seem to trap me when we talk before my eyes start to wonder down at her small but perky tits, her beautiful thin body was not as tone as my aunt but really went well with her as her hips and ass made a perfect match for eachother I can’t help but think that this was going to be amazing week,
I snap out out of my daydream
Earth to James my mom continued to talk as I realized I had been zoning her out for over 20 minutes now
Yes mom I answered nervously
Have you not been paying attention to me this whole time she looks over at me and here I thought I had a great lister as a son she begins to laugh
I was listening mom it’s just that I started getting a bit tired I rub my eyes and let out a small yawn hoping she believes me
well we’re 5 minutes away from your aunts house baby you packet everything you needed?
Yes mom everything don’t worry about me just focus on what you’re going to buy I look over at her and smile at her
I’m going to miss you James be a good boy and listen to your aunt. Click here to continue i was being driven by mom to aunt rachel house late at night, it has been a couple or ruff months this year because of everything that has been going on between mom and dad.

Hentai: (C78) [Golden Tube (Ogu)] Oshikko Sensei [Chinese] [沒有漢化]

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(C78) [ゴールデンチューブ (おぐ)]おしっ子先生~。[中国翻訳]

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