Cream Pie Dakyou Eirin – Touhou Project

But the next bit was the really clever bit. Over here The 5 of us tried to guess which of the garments was next to be removed but I’m pretty sure we all got it wrong from the sense of shock and stimulation in the room.

Hentai: (C81) [Tiramisu Tart (Kazuhiro)] Dakyou Eirin (Touhou Project) [English] {}

Dakyou Eirin 1Dakyou Eirin 2Dakyou Eirin 3Dakyou Eirin 4Dakyou Eirin 5Dakyou Eirin 6Dakyou Eirin 7Dakyou Eirin 8Dakyou Eirin 9Dakyou Eirin 10Dakyou Eirin 11Dakyou Eirin 12Dakyou Eirin 13Dakyou Eirin 14Dakyou Eirin 15Dakyou Eirin 16Dakyou Eirin 17Dakyou Eirin 18Dakyou Eirin 19Dakyou Eirin 20Dakyou Eirin 21Dakyou Eirin 22Dakyou Eirin 23Dakyou Eirin 24Dakyou Eirin 25Dakyou Eirin 26Dakyou Eirin 27Dakyou Eirin 28Dakyou Eirin 29Dakyou Eirin 30Dakyou Eirin 31Dakyou Eirin 32Dakyou Eirin 33Dakyou Eirin 34Dakyou Eirin 35Dakyou Eirin 36Dakyou Eirin 37

(C81) [てぃらみすたると (一弘)]堕狂永琳(東方Project) [英訳]

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